Wildfire 2011

In 2011 the Wildfire conference will visit Buxton, Derbyshire, set in in the Peak District National Park and conveniently located in the centre of the UK close to many major transport links.

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Wildfire 2011 Background

By hosting a range of optional workshops on a wide variety of subjects, Wildfire 2011 will offer a tailored route through the event for a broad range of people.

Programme & Speakers
The final programme is now available here and consists of a range of top quality speakers talking about issues which are relevant to wildfire practitioners in the UK & Ireland.
If you are interested in exhibiting at Wildfire 2011 please contact us using our online form.

Field Trip
Courtesy of United Utilities and the Peak District Fire Operations Group we will be visiting the Goyt Valley to discuss the work of the group with members, including Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service, Peak District National Park Authority, National Trust and moorland gamekeepers. The Peak District Fire Operations Group is one of the oldest and most successful in the country and this will provide delegates with an unrivalled opportunity to learn from the best. There will also be a display of wildfire suppression equipment and the DFRS Incident Command Unit.

Wildfire 2011 Location
Wildfire 2011 will take place on the 14th & 15th of September 2011 at The Palace Hotel, Buxton, in the Peak District, Derbyshire. Buxton is a very attractive Georgian Spa town set in some glorious countryside with many attractions both in the town and nearby. Why not make a break of it and stay a few days in the renowned Palace Hotel at our specially negotiated rates?

Buxton is located on a number of major trunk roads with easy access to and from much of the UK.
The Palace Hotel is located adjacent to Buxton Railway Station with regular services to and from Manchester Piccadilly.

Accommodation is not included in the delegate price but we have negotiated a preferential rate at the The Palace Hotel of £80 B& inc VAT (£65 for double occupancy). Please call 01298 22001 quoting ‘Wildfire 2011’ to take advantage of this rate, but rooms are only reserved until early July so please call now. There is a wide range of other accommodation providers in the area to Hotel's, please see www.visitbuxton.co.uk or www.visitpeakdistrict.com for more details.

Final Programme Now Available
The final programme for Wildfire 2011 is now available and can be downloaded here.
Workshop Abstracts are available here.
We are delighted to have received an excellent range of very topical papers from such high calibre speakers.

Find how to prevent wildfires

We all enjoy a walk in a forest where the tall trees, chirping birds and rustling grass transport us into a fairytale. Red Riding Hood might appear at any moment behind of a tree, happily walking towards her grandmother. But what if we actually see something else? The red predatory fire can burn an entire forest if we are not careful enough. Here are the best tips to prevent wildfires and their disastrous effects.

Causes of wildfires

Because forest fires are dangerous, we should be very cautious when we ignite a camp fire. Wildfires threaten people needlessly and destroy the forest that would otherwise offer recreation and livelihood for millions of people worldwide. In addition to this, wildlife is killed and threatened species can disappear forever. There are many possible causes of a wildfire, yet humans are by far the largest contributor factor.

Natural wildfires occur as well, during drought, when the lightning strikes and ignites the dry grass. The fire spreads to trees, burning a large area and seeming impossible to be stopped. Yet the truth is that this scenario accounts for less than 10% of all wildfires and humans are the reason why wildfires occur in most cases. Fireworks, campfires, cigarettes, vehicles and yard waste burning are the most common causes of wildfires.

If you stroll in a gorgeous forest with your appealing London escort, make sure you will not just discard your cigarette on the ground after smoking it. Cigarettes can start a fire easily, especially if they will be thrown on dry grass. Your campfire might be romantic in the forest, but if it is improperly doused or misplaced, it can result in an unwanted situation. Make sure you surround the campfire with stones or rocks and far away from any potential combustibles. Put only firewood on the campfire and keep a supply of water at reach in case you will have to use it.

Inappropriately used fireworks can cause massive wildfires. It is illegal to use fireworks in areas, so do not try to impress your companion with this kind of show. Another way to prevent wildfires is keeping your vehicle away from dry vegetation. When you park your car nearby dry grass, the heat from the exhaust can ignite the vegetation nearby. Keep in mind to drive only off-road cars that have a working spark arrester.

Do not pour fuel on fire

The best way to prevent wildfires from happening is to comply with all local laws and regulation. If you are not allowed to smoke or ignite a campfire in a certain forest, just follow the law. In certain conditions you should not ignite a fire, even though you are allowed. When the weather is hot, dry vegetation is around and there are high winds, you must be careful because the wind accelerates and spreads the fire.

Do not destroy our environment, not even accidentally. Forests are always a source of relaxation and a place to live for many creatures. Follow the advices mentioned above and you will successfully prevent a wildfire.

Wildfire 2011 - 14 & 15th September 2011
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